DP Startrek Treeless Range

DP Startrek Treeless Range

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 Welcome to DP Saddlery's range of Startrek Treeless saddles

Saddles are made to your custom order. 

Saddle Structure

Our Startrekk Saddles are high-quality treeless saddles, which conform to the horses back nicely and let you enjoy a really close feel, yet provide plenty of stability to ensure proper weight distribution along the horses back, without causing sharp pressure points. The Startrekk Treeless line saddles have a rigid, interchangeable fork (many designs available, from baroque to western fork, etc. see sizing information below) -OR- a fully-adjustable fork (1 design only)

All of the Startrekk-Saddles are equipped with Velcro Panels, that you can place where the horse needs them to be, that way you ensure spine clearance and correct channel width. The panels can be ordered in various sizes, thicknesses and even covered with Sheepskin or wedged (price upgrades). Standard Panels are 2 cm thick and filled with EVA-foam.

Fork Width

The Fork on all of our Startrekk saddles is interchangeable and comes in a variety of sizes to help find the best fit for your horse. On some models, it's possible to build in our fully adjustable "Delfin" fork system, which means the fork never has to be exchanged in order to change the fork's width and it can be done via a small Allen wrench. There's a discrete slot to insert the allen wrench, and you can widen or narrow the fork just like that!

There are many different styles in the Startrek range making them a firm customer favourite! To view these go to the main DP website here at https://www.dp-saddlery.com  

Most customers take up the very attractive "custom" option to make their dream saddle a reality but there is also a huge range of in-stock models. 


Once you have a good idea of which model of saddle you would love to call your own, we are very happy to do a no-obligation quote for you. 

​Prices start from $3930.00 NZ

Styles / Models available 

Western, English, Baroque, Trekking, EnduranceHere are a few of the many styles available in this range - 



Startrek Comfort Western

Startrek Dressage

Startrek Espaniola