DP Saddlery Information

The most important thing for us at Essenti Equine is for you have a saddle that you absolutely Love which fits your horse like a Glove! 

DP Saddlery have what is most likely, the biggest range of saddle options world-wide. Every style and colour option you could ever dream of. 


I was originally captured by DP Saddlery around 4 years ago. I could not believe my eyes when I found their website! Beautifully tooled saddles of all colours, with this amazing German engineered "Flexi Fit" adjustable gullet design. And I loved the shape of the panels on the baroque saddles! So much better for the horses! 

Since then I have been fortunate to become an authorized dealer which means riders in New Zealand have my personalized service to achieve their goal of a Dream DP Saddle  

A bit about my saddlery background 

I started out my passionate interest in tack, particularly western tack, from following and attending clinics with horsemanship greats like Buck Brannaman, Martin Black, vaquero masters Jeff Sanders and others like Bruce Sandifer and Jeff Darby. Their saddles and tack were off the planet cool! 
The craftsmanship in a western saddle can be truly a work of art but it is not just about looks - it is also it is a highly functional piece of equipment for the working cow person. 


One of the things I also really loved apart from the tooling and craftsmanship of a western saddle,  is the way it offers a wide weight bearing surface far superior to the English saddles I was bought up with. This made so much sense and has be more comfortable for the horse! No pressure points is a real bonus to the horse that is for sure! 

DP Saddlery have incorporated this wide weight-bearing panel design into many of their saddle designs - Quantum, Startrek and Baroque making them a super coice when considering the most comfortable option for the horse. 



The wide weight bearing surface of a western saddle  





The wide panel design of a DP Baroque style saddle







 Another really amazing feature of the DP saddle panel design is what I call "the upward panel scoop" at the back of the saddle. NO pressure points! 

Another superior way these saddles are going to fit your horse BETTER  


Here at Essenti Equine we will work with you to ensure you get saddle of your dreams in style you love, that fits your horse like a glove, keeping him sound and happy forever!   


We are here to assist you the whole way!


Fitting tips for when you order your Dream DP Saddle

We can assist with fitting your saddle via email and photos if you do not have an independent saddle fitter in your area that can do this for you. 

When it comes to photos we have some specific requirements to ensure we get the clearest (excuse then pun) picture of your horse's conformation possible which will help us give you the most accurate advice possible. 

Here are some tips to help you take the right shots -

  • Ensure that no dark shadows are being cast over horse as they can make your horse's shape look quite different or not show him clearly. 
  • Make sure you are in good light, an overcast day is ideal so the light is not too harsh, worsening the clarity of the photos. 
  • Take a shot of each side and one from the back look over the top of his rump down on to his rump. 

 The examples below are courtesy of DP Saddlery Australia.