DP Saddlery Information

Discover how easy it is to have the tack of your dreams and the fit your horse will love. 

More options than you can poke a stick at! 



  • We are here to assist you the whole way!
  • If there is something in the DP range that is not on our website, never fear! We can supply you with the entire DP and Christ range. 
  • You can get a DP saddle that fits you and your horse without having to actually try one
  • We have a 14 day right of return if you decide you do not like the saddle - terms and conditions do apply. 


Here is our easy 4 step process for exploring and making your DP dream saddle a reality:  

 1. Decide what style or styles of saddle most suit the type of riding you do, for example, the Quantum range are perfect if you mostly trail or endurance ride or, if you do a bit of dressage or Working Equitation, the El Campo range will be perfect. El Campo saddles are also excellent for trekking and general riding. The Baroque saddle range are perfect if you are not really into competition, rather love the classical Spanish style of saddle. These saddle are super comfortable and can be used for trekking, classical training and Working Equitation.  

2. Think about the colour and tooling options, you would like. Have fun with this and push the boundaries!   

3. Take photos of your horse and if possible do a back tracing. We can help you with this and there is information below which you also may find helpful.  Send these to us via email along with any info regarding any physical issues your horse may have. 

4. We will review your info and provide you with what we recommend as the best fitting option for your horse. 


Fitting tips for your Dream DP Saddle

We can assist with fitting your saddle via email and photos if you do not have an independent saddle fitter in your area that can do this for you. 

When it comes to photos we have some specific requirements to ensure we get the clearest (excuse then pun) picture of your horse's conformation possible which will help us give you the most accurate advice possible. 

Here are some tips to help you take the right shots -

  • Ensure that no dark shadows are being cast over horse as they can make your horse's shape look quite different or not show him clearly. 
  • Make sure you are in good light, an overcast day is ideal so the light is not too harsh, worsening the clarity of the photos. 
  • Take a shot of each side and one from the back look over the top of his rump down on to his rump. 

 The examples below are courtesy of DP Saddlery Australia.