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As the creator of Duwell Equine Supplement for NZ horses, I have written a heap of  fantastic articles over the years. 

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Clinics and training opportunities:

I have had the wonderful opportunity to host Thirza Hendriks Classical Training and Rehabilitation, over the last 2 years for regular 6 monthly clinics. Thirza has provided great clarity with educational seminars and clinics, for riders and trainers in NZ teaching us the most appropriate and effective methods we can use to train our horses for long term soundness, rehabilitate those that have injuries or genetic abnormalities or other unsoundnesses.

The knowledge Thirza has is nothing short of astounding from a worldwide equestrian research and correct biomechanics standpoint. The support that regular clinics provides is unmatched by anyone in this field that travels to NZ. We are so lucky to have Thirza! 

Check out Thirza's Events Page  for her upcoming NZ clinic schedule - Bookings are made here too -

Thirza also has very informative articles on her website, a online training program that encompasses classically based training that will ensure the soundness and longevity of your horse  You will also be able to book for upcoming clinics from her page.