DP Baroque Saddle Range
DP Baroque Saddle Range

DP Baroque Saddle Range

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Welcome to DP Saddlery's range of Baroque Saddles 

Saddles are made to your custom order


DP's line of Baroque Saddles are built on our flexible Ultra-Flex Saddle tree with these great features:

  • Made out of high-quality Carbon Fiber.
  • Allows a customized fit for your horse as it changes shape or if you ride more than one horse.
  • Slightly flexible tree that will not collapse underneath a rider's weight, allowing the horse to move out freely.
  • Patented allen wrench system with a 5-year warranty 
  • Very lightweight which is appreciated by horse and rider!
  • We take great pride in bringing you one of the best and most reliable flexible trees available on today's market. 

DP has a comprehensive range of saddle models and options, with the same extensive range of leather colour and tooling choices. To view, go to the main DP website here at  https://www.dp-saddlery.com 

Prices start from $6250 NZ. Most customers take up the very attractive "custom" option to make their dream saddle a reality but there is also a huge range of in-stock models. 

Once you have a good idea of which model of saddle you would love to call your own, we are very happy to do a no-obligation quote for you. 

Here are a few of the many styles available in this range - 

El Campo -

Develop in conjunction with Working Equitation specialist Rolf Janzen.

The El Campo is an English-type saddle, designed for Allround use, such as:  Dressage, Working Equitation, Classical Riding, Eventing, and Trail Riding. 

A very special saddle with wonderful attributes -

  • The shoulder relief panels allow for close contact to the horse and the contact area makes this saddle perfect for long trail rides. 
  • It's near-vertical flaps make it an ideal saddle for Dressage Schooling. 
  • The Velcro knee rolls allow an individual adaptation to the rider's leg.  This saddle is a reliable partner for dressage and smaller jumps.
  • With the continuously adjustable gullet width and the anatomically shaped wool flocked panels, the saddle can be adjusted to the horses back anytime. 
  • Short saddle length which works well for horses with a short back, plus it is also available in the very popular "Shorty" option PERFECT for short backed horses: the Shorty El Campo S1 (16.5"-17" seat) measures a mere 45cm (17.7") long front to back! Yes that's the whole saddle length!

Custom El Campo



The Amarant's design is reminiscent of a wonderful time period in our history - Baroque. Its design was inspired by the original Baroque Saddle from the Marstall-Museum of the Princely School of Riding Art in Bueckeburg, Germany.

While being of a historic design on the outside, it is super modern and innovative on the inside, with DP's Ultra-Flexi tree, this saddle also allows you to ride perfectly in balance, providing a deep seat, optimal distribution of weight and therefore minimalistic use of aids by the rider.

"Bueckeburger Schooling Saddle" 

The "Amarant" and the "Bueckeburger Schooling Saddle" look very much alike. The main difference being the "Bueckeburger Schooling Saddle" has Velcro panels underneath that can be adjusted by the rider, the Amarant has wool flocked French shoulder-relief panels underneath, that can be fitted by a Saddle fitter. Like most of our Baroque saddles, this saddle is equipped with our highly innovative Ultra-Flex tree. 

Implus Brilliant

Another gorgeous Baroque saddle model